New iMac

I finally received my new iMac and I am writing/working hard on my third book in the Moonwarriors series. I am on chapter six typed up and now I am handwriting chapter seven. I always handwrite my books then I type them up on the iMac. I am excited about how it is turning out. I hope my readers reactions to it is great. Thanks for reading.


About AuthorRustyNugent

Around age six. I saw a movie entitled, "The Car". I had never seen a book for it, so I wrote my own. I had been obssessed with the book and movie "Jaws" since it came out when I was three. This was just the next step I guess. That's how it started. I found I liked it so much, I continued to write off and on all my life. I didn't get serious about it until I was in my early twenties. I owe alot to that shark and demonic automobile. Now, I know that there IS a novel for "The Car". It's very rare. (Laughs) I own both the book and film. One of my favorites. My favorite werewolf film or movie that I enjoyed the most and why? That's a tough question to answer. The original "Howling" movie is one of the greatest werewolf films of all time besides "An American Werewolf In London" just for the transformation scenes alone, but the stories are very well written. The make up FX were ground breaking and awe-inspiring and to this very day, they still have the power to fascinate. Rick Baker and Rob Bottin are THE guys when it comes to werewolf changes and make up. I also liked "Bad Moon" and "Project: Metal Beast". Very good movies. The werewolves look good in both. Overall, I'd say it was 'The Howling" though because of the well-written story and the incredible transformation FX by Rob Bottin. It's a classic. What was it about the horror genre that drew me into writing about werewolves? Well, I love horror in general, but werewolves are one of my favorites. They've always fascinated me.They're big, powerful, and can be downright scary. One of the most popular horror icons is the werewolf, only second to the vampire. In recent years though, it seems the werewolf is not only enjoying another resurgence of interest but is beginnning to surpass the vampire in popularity. Please tell us a little about my first book. Moonwarriors is the story of Walter Volknor, a young werewolf farmer who witnesses his family's slaughter at the hands of master vampire Avatar and his underlings. Heavily influenced by his father's teachings of honor and good and evil, he sets out to destroy not only Avatar but the entire vampire race. Along the way, the mighty Lycanthrope battles and defeats corrupt kings, demons, evil werewolves, sorcerers, and zombies (called ghouls in the novel).

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